Hawk Wilwood BBK/Ap Racing/Outlaw HPS Street Brake Pads HB237F.480

by Hawk Performance
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The Hawk High Performance Street (HPS) pads provide an incredible development in braking distance in comparison to the stock OEM pads. Through the utilization of the quality and safety of Aerospace and Motorsports intense-duty friction technology, the Hawks unequalled Ferro-Carbon formula was devised for performance on the street. The HPS compound provides a high coefficient of friction and gives you a stopping power that is 20%-40% greater. It also provides greater resistance to fading as compared to the OEM replacement pads of the vehicle.

In comparison to other after market performance brake pads, the Ferro-Carbon compound of the HPS gives your Mazda with an enhanced stopping power, longer life, diminished noise, and lesser dust. In order to assure their customers that the products are without defects from the manufacturers materials and work, Hawk Performance products offer a limited lifetime warranty. These Hawk HPS pads are devised especially for vehicle used on a daily basis. However, it can be also hold up for light autocross duty.

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