Aodhan AH06 17X9 5X100 ET35 73.1 Bronze wheel

by Aodhan Wheels

Product SKU: AH061790510035BZ
Product inventory: 10
AodHan Wheels team has more then 10+ years in design, manufacture and marketing of luxury customized wheels for the automotive industry. With leading edge style, precision engineering, AodHan Wheels unique style and wheel fitments support modifications of performance, luxury vehicles and Super Cars.

Quality is the base of development for AodHan Wheels. The quality management center is established to manage the implementation of quality standard system. The professional department was established to carry out the verification test on new developed product. The test production and verification is carried out strictly according to the condition of test production: CMM dimension inspection, leak detection inspection and imbalance inspection. Impact, bending and rolling test. Property test on paint (chrome pleated) coat: color, gloss, initial hardness and appearance , paint thickness, water resisting property, adhesion after water resisting test, CASS, solvent resisting proper , etc

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